Joliet Correctional Facility
Collins Street at Woodruff, Joliet

his is the final stop on the north to south Blues Brothers movie locations tour. It's quite a ways out of the city too. The Joliet Correctional Facility started taking inmates in 1858. As of 2002, the inmates were transferred to other Illinois prisons thus signaling the end to the big house in Joliet. The city itself is undergoing a bit of suburban renewal. Over the past 10 years, the city's population has increased from 76,836 to 106,221, making it the third-fastest-growing community in the Chicago metropolitan area. With two river boat gambling facilities, a minor league baseball team, and a boom in population, Joliet is poised to continue its recent growth.

Getting there:
Leaving the mall, turn right on Dixie and go back to Sibley/147th and turn left. Get on I-57 going South. Take I-57 and get on I-80 West. At Richards Street, Exit No. 133, take a right. Just past Washington, turn right on US 30/North Collins Street. The road will curve north right away and become Collins Street/Illinois Rt. 171. The prison is on the left less than two miles up the road.