Park Ridge, Illinois
Talcott, Devon and Courtland-ish

eing that I lose my powers when I venture out into the North Suburbs, I've never actually seen Park Ridge, Illinois. The Shell station and funeral home by where Elwood allegedly cruises through a red light are still here as is the big three-way intersection where they first pull out onto a main drag. Observant fans will also recognize the split roadway of Cumberland Avenue. I'm still looking for the house where the Blues Brothers are initially pulled over -- it's around here somewhere.

A special thanks to Chas Demster, a correspondent  who contributed photos and information for this page.

Getting there: From the city, take the Kennedy Expressway, or Interstate 90, west to Cumberland Avenue or Rt. 171. Exit north. Continue on to Talcott Road and turn right. The funeral home shown in the movie is there on your left. When you're done gawking, continue along Talcott until you hit its intersection with Devon and Cumberland. You'll recognize where you are strait away.