The Nazi bridge
5700 S. Lake Shore Drive, Chicago

This old stone bridge, where the Illinois Nazi march was filmed, is easily accessible to visitors either on foot or in a car.  The scene was actually filmed in a park area located behind the Museum of Science and Industry. Please note that this is hallowed ground in Chicago. The structure bridges the Jackson Park Lagoon, home to the 1893 Columbian Exposition that put Chicago on the map. As you can see here, some work was done recently at the base of the bridge.

Getting there: Head back to Roosevelt Road and turn right to go east on Roosevelt. Take that to Lake Shore Drive and head south. Follow Lake Shore Drive south just past 57th Street. Immediately past the Museum of Science and Industry, turn right on Science Drive, then left on Columbia Drive. The bridge is behind the trees at the back of the lot. If you are so inclined, you can drive your car through the lot and onto the bridge, as this is a common practice among the local fishermen who frequent the area.