The Doty Landfill
115th and the Ford Freeway, Chicago

ehind this man-made hill of garbage and sewer sludge is Lake Calumet, an industrial shipping port located within the limits of the city of Chicago. During the production of the movie, movie-makers dropped the red Nazi station wagon from 1,000 feet in the air. The property abutting the Calumet River happened to be owned by the Chicago Sanitary District and special permission had to be obtained. Director John Landis has said special permission and air-worthiness tests were also needed from the FAA because the drop was from so high up.

Getting there: Head back to 95th Street and go west to Stony Island Avenue. Turn left and continue on to I-80/94 toward Indiana. As you drive past 115th Street, look to your left at the giant landfill there. The car was dropped to the ground along the river that runs behind the dump.