Dixie Square Mall
15100 S Dixie Highway, Harvey

urprisingly, the mall trashed by the Blues Brothers as they attempted to outrun the police is barely standing, abandoned and remarkably decrepit. The Dixie Square Mall actually closed its doors in 1978, one year before the movie was to be made. The Movie's producers talked the former tenants of the mall  into supplying merchandise for the shelves and their names to their old storefronts for the filming.  The  rumor was the Mall was supposed to be reborn immediately after trashing it but it has remained untouched. To see a nice collection of  mall photos, check out Deadmalls.com. For before and after shots using stills from the movie, check out Eddy's Site. I don't' know who he is, but he has great photos.

Getting there: Exit the Ford Freeway at Sibley Boulevard heading west. Stay on Sibley until Western Avenue/Dixie Highway. Turn left on Dixie. The abandoned mall is on the left side of the street about a half a mile down.