Daley Plaza
55 W. Randolph, Chicago

his is Daley Plaza, the center of government for both the city of Chicago and Cook County. It is named for Chicago's own, the late Mayor Richard J. Daley. Don't confuse him with his son, the current mayor of Chicago, Richard M. Daley. The former actually didn't like movies being filmed in Chicago. The story says an early episode of "The Untouchables" filmed here showed a Chicago cop taking a bribe and Daley blew a gasket. His office refused every film request by Hollywood thereafter. Jane Byrne, the city's first woman mayor, later worked with Universal Studios with the Blues Brothers. At any rate, the rust-colored building is the Cook County Building, while the older, limestone building is the home of Chicago's City Hall. 

This scene was packed with more than 500 extras dressed as national guardsman, Chicago and Illinois Sate Police and Fireman, according to the Arnie Bernstein book, "Hollywood on Lake Michigan." The $3.5 million shoot took place on Labor Day weekend in 1979 and involved horse-mounted police, troop transports, tanks and helicopters. One part of the scene included driving the Bluesmobile through the plate glass exterior of the county building.

Getting there: Continue east along Lake Street to State Street. Turn right on State and take another right on Randolph. You'll see it up ahead on the left side about one block down.