The 95th Street Bridge
3200 E. 95th, Chicago

es, the Bluesmobile jumped right over this bridge. Of course it wasn't opened up high like you see here in these photographs. Special ramps were built on each side to facilitate the one-of-a-kind dangerous stunt. Special Drivers were employed to make the difficult jumps, as were mechanics and body men who made adjustments to the car as it leaped over the bridge nearly 20 times. Director John Landis demanded numerous takes so he had just the right footage to make it into the actual movie. Park your car on the right side of the street and walk over the bridge or get some fried shrimp from Calumet Fisheries. 

A member of the film crew tipped us off during another on-location shoot that they were going to film a car jumping over the 95th Street Bridge which was only a few blocks from our house. If you want to see some photos taken that day, visit the me and the boys page. 

Getting there: Take Burley south and go left on 93rd Street then a quick right onto Harbor Avenue. Take Harbor south to South Chicago Avenue and turn left. Turn left off of South Chicago Avenue on to 95th Street. You'll be able to see the bridge from here.