Tour the actual movie locations!
If you want to take a virtual tour of the movie shoot locations around Chicago for the original Blues Brothers movie, click on the thumbnails below. You'll be taken to a another page that shows present-day photos of the sites along with some background information and simple driving directions. The tour starts on the North Side and works its way south.

Wrigley Field
Wrigley Field bit
The Chez Paul
Chez Paul
Site of the Chicago police car pileup
Chicago pileup
The Hon. Richard J. Daley Center
That Picasso
Elwood's transient hotel
Elegant Abode
Former site of soul food restaurant
4 fried chickens
The Nazi bridge
Illinois Nazis
Palace Hotel Ballroom
Palace Hotel
Curl Up and Dye
Curl Up and Dye
The Triple Rock Baptist Church
The Triple Rock
The 96th Street Bridge
The Bridge
The author's street
My street
The Nazi car drop location
A giant drop
This don't look like no expressway to me!
The Dixie Mall
Joliet Correctional Facility
The Joint
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Detour to other locations
...An employee of Ray's Music Exchange must be present
Ray's Music
Saint Helen's Orphanage
Saint Helen's
The light was yellow, sir.
Park Ridge, IL